Revealed: The Exact Method I Used To Land A $125,000 Sponsorship Contract With ONE Brand In Less Than 90 days

Jessica Chinyelu, CEO of The Sponsorship Lady
(Landed Over Half A Million Dollars In Corporate Sponsorships For Her Clients)

This Training Reveals:

Secret 1: 5-6 Figures In Corporate Sponsorships

The exact techniques I use to gain the attention of major brands and land high dollar partnerships. 

Secret 2: High Converting Proposals

If you're thinking packages, then you've been doing it wrong all along. I'll share the exact portion of the proposal that landed me a $125,000 contract and help you achieve the same.

Secret 3: Leverage Your "Small" Network And Convert To Sponsors

You've heard the saying, "your network is your net worth!" I'll reveal how to transform cold leads into warm connections organically using one of the most slept on platforms. 

Secret 4: Sponsored And Secured

I'll present you with an opportunity to work directly with me for bi-weekly group coaching sessions and help you develop a partnership strategy.